Q1: Do I have to pay for Demo Class?

A1: No, we don’t charge anything for the demo class.

Q2: How many hours are enough to prepare for the Digital SAT?

A2: Verify the scheduled date and time for your SAT exam. If you have an ample timeframe, such as six months, it’s advisable to dedicate fewer hours to study daily. Conversely, if your SAT test date is approaching soon, allocating more study hours is recommended. Assess the SAT curriculum thoroughly, estimate the time required to grasp each topic, and subsequently devise a study plan based on this evaluation.

Q3: When should I start preparing for the Digital SAT?

A3: The usual timeframe for SAT preparation spans from six to twelve weeks. Moreover, individuals have varying durations available for SAT preparation. To ascertain the additional time required by students for SAT readiness, we recommend reviewing the SAT Syllabus and undertaking a SAT practice test.

Q4: Who are all eligible to take the SAT?

A4: There isn’t an age limit set by the College Board for SAT test takers. Nevertheless, the majority of applicants who take the SAT are typically in either the 11th or 12th grade.

Q5: What level of SAT score improvement can I anticipate?

A5: Generally, our students achieve an average score increase of minimum 200 points. Nevertheless, the extent of score enhancements differs significantly and relies heavily on your initial SAT diagnostic score, completion of the course, performance in mock tests, and various other influencing factors.

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