About Us

Our Mission is to democratize learning by connecting exceptional tutors across the globe with learners

Our principles


drives us to transform the lives of our customers, and make a lasting impact on the world.

Care to change the world

We are passionate about our work and care deeply about its impact to be life changing.

We do it for learners

For both FineGrades and tutors, learners are why we do what we do. Every day we focus on empowering tutors to deliver an exceptional learning experience.

Keep perfecting

To create an outstanding customer experience, we focus on simplicity, smoothness, and enjoyment, continually perfecting it as every detail matters.


empowers our courageous actions, fuelling our hunger for impact and success.

Now is the time

In a fast-paced world, it matters how quickly we act. Now is the time to make great things happen.

Disciplined Execution

What makes us disciplined is the excellence in our execution. We set clear goals, focus on what matters, and utilize our resources efficiently.

Dive deep

We leverage business acumen and curiosity to investigate disparities between numbers and stories, unlocking meaningful insights to guide our decisions.


unites us as an extraordinary team, embracing growth and placing team success above all.

Growth mindset

We proactively seek growth opportunities and believe today’s best performance becomes tomorrow’s star

Raise the bar

We raise our performance standards continuously, alongside each new hire and promotion. We build diverse and high-performing teams that can make a real difference.

Challenge, disagree & commit

We value open and candid communication, even when we don’t fully agree. We speak our minds, challenge when necessary, and fully commit to decisions once made.

Meet Our Cofounder

Subrat Sagar